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Join the choir !

We are actively looking to recruit new members of any experience to join us. The focus of the club is to become one of the premier acapella choruses in the UK. You do not need any singing experience or be able to read music in order to join us. We provide all the resources you will need to assist your learning experience and enable you to become an integral part of the chorus.

How do we learn to sing?

Benefits of joining a choir.

New to the area, looking to improve your confidence or searching for a hobby? Singing in a chorus can help. Studies have also shown the health benefits of singing in a group. A couple are listed here:
Joining the chorus can give you skills that are valuable in the wider world. Singing in a section within a chorus needs teamwork and collaborative learning. Delivering a song to the audience needs communication and presentation. Learning to sing and perform builds confidence - and it's all done in an enjoyable and fun way !

Try it!

We would be delighted if you're inspired to see - and hear - what we do. Join us at rehearsal, Thursdays 7:30pm - 10:00pm. On the first Thursday of the month rehearsal is at St John's School, Penymynydd. The remaining Thursday rehearsals are at Kinnerton Village Hall. You'll be very welcome.

For more information please contact us.

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